Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer fun and summer safety go hand in hand

Memorial Day signals the beginning of the summer season, with longer days, more time outdoors, and for many, play time in the water.

Use the following resources to help you stay safe, so you can make the most out of many summers to come.


Sun Safety: Save Your Skin!
[From the FDA]

Sun Exposure
[From MedlinePlus]

Top-Rated Sunscreens
[From Environmental Working Group]

Learn what products work well with fewer hazardous ingredients.


Summer Swimtime: Staying Healthy at the Pool and Beach
[From the National Institutes of Health]

Summer Water Safety Guide
[From the American Red Cross]

Pool Safely

[From the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission]
A great site for kids to learn through activities and games.


Food Safety - Summer and Vacations
Tips on cooking and eating outdoors, day trips, camping, traveling and more.