Thursday, August 22, 2013

Health Newsletters at the Patient Health Library, August 2013

Here are highlights from recent health and wellness newsletters at the UCSF Patient Health Library.  To see the entire articles, visit the Patient Health Library!

Not all information is free and not all of it is online!

Duke Medicine Health News

July 2013
-Earlier detection of ovarian/endometrial cancers, pp.1-2

Harvard Men's Health Watch

July 2013
-Heart attack prevention checklist, pp.1,7
-Home care for hemorrhoids, p.3
-Add color to your diet, p.4
-Avoid unnecessary prostate biopsies, p.6
-Heartburn surgery versus medication, p.8

Johns Hopkins Medical Letter: Health After 50

Summer 2013
-Drug side effects, pp.1-4
-Herbal supplements: Are they worth the risk? pp.5-8

Mayo Clinic Health Letter

July 2013
-Enlarged prostate, pp.1-3
-Dealing with grief, p.6
-Persistent itching, p.7

Nutrition Action Newsletter

July/August 2013
-Seafood: health and sustainability, pp.1-7
-Salt: clearing the air after a confusing report, p.8
-Epigenetics: what it means when genes turn on and off, pp.9-11

UC Berkeley Wellness Letter

July 2013
-What's on the menu? Learning restaurant industry tricks. p.5
-Grapefruit + drugs = a bad mix, p.6