Friday, November 21, 2014

Health Newsletters at the Patient Health Library, November 2014

The UCSF Patient Health Library subscribes to over a dozen health and wellness newsletters that are not available for free online. We also have access to all of the online journals the UCSF subscribes to.

Here are highlights from newsletters. To read the articles, look at the online journals or ask a health or medical question, visit the Patient Health Library.

Consumer Reports on Health

October 2014
-Resources for choosing a doctor, pp.1,4-5

November 2014
-How to choose the best health insurance for you, pp.1,4-5
-Keep food poisoning of the menu, p.10

Johns Hopkins Medical Letter: Health After 50

November 2014
-Are prostate cancer treatments going too far?: Overtreatment, active surveillance and knowing your options, pp.1-2
-Is canned salmon as good for you as fresh salmon? p.7

Duke Medicine Health News

October 2014
-Preserve your mind and prevent cognitive decline, pp.1-2
-Four key nutrients decrease the risk of bone and muscle degeneration, p.4
-Exercise as medicine for older women, p.7

Harvard Health Letter

October 2014
-Stay flexible to protect your mobility, pp.1,7
-Signs of early dementia, p.3
-Best ways to keep your bones healthy and strong, p.4
-Understanding allergy medications, p.7

 Harvard Heart Letter

October 2014
-Rethinking alcohol use and heart disease, p.3
-Testosterone therapy may not be as safe as once thought, p.7

Harvard Women's Health Watch

October 2014
-How to lower your cholesterol without drugs, pp.1,7

Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter

October 2014
-Health seniors who took fish oil pills score better on cognitive tests, pp.1,3
-Walking and other physical activities reduce disability risk, p.6

Mayo Clinic Health Letter

October 2014
-Tips for those who have difficulty swallowing pills, p.3

Monday, November 10, 2014

Holiday Food: Nutrition and Safety

- How can I limit calories and still enjoy the holidays?

- How long do I need to cook a 20-pound turkey?

- What should I know to safely cook for a large group?

- How long will my leftovers still be good?

- My mom is undergoing chemotherapy. Do I need to pay special attention to my food preparation habits?

- What can I make for people on special diets? 

If you are asking questions like these, take a look at the following sites to help keep everyone safe, healthy and happy this holiday season:

Enjoy Guilt-Free Holiday Celebrations
Food Safety Tips for Holiday Road Trips
[Source: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics]

Inspiration for Your Holiday Parties
Holiday Recipes
Cooking for the Family… Gluten-free, Vegan and All
[Source: American Institute for Cancer Research]

Food Safety Tips for Healthy Holidays
[Source: US Department of Agriculture]

Are You Storing Food Safely?
[Source: US Food and Drug Administration]

Food Safety During Cancer Therapy
[Source: UCSF Ida & Joseph Friend Cancer Resource Center]