Monday, January 7, 2013

Health Newsletters at the Patient Health Library, January 2013

Here are highlights from recent health and wellness newsletters at the UCSF Patient Health Library.  To see the entire articles, visit the Patient Health Library!

Not all information is free and not all of it is online!

Consumer Reports on Health

December 2012
-40 tips to get you through the holiday season, pp.1-5
-A guide to shopping for meat, pp.6-7
-How to hire a home-care aide, p.8

Harvard Health Letter

November 2012
-Choosing good carbs, pp.1-7
-Reduce your pain with mental distractions, p.3
-Alternative treatments for knee pain, p.4

Johns Hopkins Medical Letter: Health After 50

August 2012
-Arthritis, anxiety and depression: frequent companions, pp.1-2
-Do you really need that test? pp.4-5
-Shingles, p.7

Mayo Clinic Health Letter

December 2012
-Rheumatoid arthritis, pp.1-3

NIH News in Health

December 2012
-Understanding glycemic index and glycemic load, p.3 (this one IS free online!)

Nutrition Action Newsletter

October 2012
-Going organic: what's the payoff? pp.1-6
-Meaning of "organic" and other food labels, p.7
-Scoring the nutrients in vegetables, pp.13-15
(for more nutrient data in foods, see:

December 2012
-Exercising: no more excuses, pp.1-6
-Caffeine, pp.7-9
-The best soups, pp.11-13

Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter

November 2012
-Compare cooking-oil choices, p.4-5

Supplement to November 2012
-Can supplement pills deliver on their promises?

December 2012
-Watch your weight and help protect your brain, pp.1-3
-Staying active prolongs life, p.3
-Does it pay to pick organic? pp.4-5
-Fish oil pills, p.7