Friday, June 14, 2013

Health Newsletters at the Patient Health Library, June 2013

Here are highlights from recent health and wellness newsletters at the UCSF Patient Health Library.  To see the entire articles, visit the Patient Health Library!

Not all information is free and not all of it is online!

Consumer Reports on Health

June 2013
-Aspirin, pp.6-7
-Insect-borne diseases, p.9

DukeMedicine HealthNews

May 2013
-Preserve muscle mass--and prevent falls--with proper nutrition, pp.3-4
-Which heart tests should be questioned and why, pp.4-5

Harvard Men's Health Watch

May 2013
-Reducing stress works better than supplements for heart disease, pp. 1,7
-How exercise helps the brain, p.3
-Free preventive services for men, p.5
-Osteoporosis and men, p.6

Harvard Women's Health Watch

June 2013
-8 things you can do to prevent stroke, pp.1,7
-Natural ways to relieve constipation, p.3
-Better sleep without pills, pp.4-5
-Getting your doctor to listen, p.6

Johns Hopkins Medical Letter: Health After 50

June 2013
-Book vs. e-Reader: which is best for older eyes?, p.6
-Does my wart need treatment? p.7

Mayo Clinic Health Letter

June 2013
-Hearing aid technology, pp.1-3
-Nuts: small packages, big nutrition, pp.4-5

Nutrition Action Newsletter

May 2013
-Mediterranean diet: what a new study did--and didn't--find, pp.1-4
-Antibiotic resistance, pp.9-11

Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter

June 2013

-Making healthy lifestyle changes stick, pp.4-5

June 2013 Supplement: Eating right for healthy joints