Monday, October 11, 2010

Mood and Food

Do you eat when you're not hungry?  Here are some helpful hints regarding mood and food from the Mayo Clinic:

"You might be indulging as a response to stress or boredom. Pay attention to when you eat and how you're feeling. If you turn to comfort foods out of habit rather than hunger, try a new tact. Instead of opening a bag of potato chips or unwrapping a candy bar, take a walk or treat yourself to a movie. If stress seems to nudge you toward the refrigerator, find a distraction. Listen to music, read a book or chat with a friend."

UCSF resources on food, eating habits and nutrition:
  • Food and nutrition resources from the UCSF Library.
  • Learn how to establish healthy eating habits for your children from the UCSF Children's Hospital.
  • The UCSF Women's Health Resource Center offers women and their families the opportunity to learn about women's health issues that cross the life span — from adolescence to menopause and beyond. Services include:
    • A lending library with over 2000 women's health titles.
    • An extensive collection of patient education materials covering a wide variety of health topics.
    • Regular classes and workshops to give you an opportunity to learn about specific women's health issues and to talk to some of the leading researchers and physicians about your questions and concerns.
    • The Resource Center has linkages with many bay area programs to help you and your family. They maintain a community resources database with information on topics including nutrition, exercise and body image. 

UCSF Women's Health Resource Center
2356 Sutter Street, 1st Floor
San Francisco, CA 94143-1750
Phone: 415.353.2668