Monday, March 30, 2015

Health Newsletters at the Patient Health Library, March 2015

The UCSF Patient Health Library subscribes to over a dozen health and wellness newsletters that are not available for free online. We also have access to all of the online journals the UCSF subscribes to.

Here are highlights from the newsletters. To read the articles, look at the online journals or ask a health or medical question, visit the Patient Health Library.

Consumer Reports on Health

February 2015
-Are 'natural' sugars better for you? The real deal on honey, agave and others. p.7

Duke Medicine Health News

March 2015
Cognitive therapy for Parkinson's patients, p.3

Environmental Nutrition

February 2015
-GMO food guide, p.1
-Mini meals vs three squares, p.7

Harvard Health Letter

March 2015
-Tips to help the medicine go down, p.6

Harvard Men's Health Watch

March 2015
-The proper role of fat in diet, pp.1,7
-How to make your prostate biopsy go better, pp.4-5
-Overcoming urinary leakage, pp.6-7

Harvard Women's Health Watch

March 2015
-Good news about early-stage breast cancer for older women, p.3
-Core exercises to help neck pain, pp.4-5
-Pelvic organ prolapse: you're not alone, p.6

Johns Hopkins Medical Letter: Health After 50

February 2015
-New ways to curb your stroke risk, pp.4-5

Mayo Clinic Health Letter

March 2015
-Chronic pain medications, pp.1-3
-Fostering gratitude, p.7

Nutrition Action Newsletter

March 2015
-Diet to control high blood pressure, pp.1-7
-Clicker beware: what to know if buying supplements online, pp.8-11

UC Berkeley Wellness Letter

March 2015
-Does wine deserve its healthy buzz? pp.1-2